Buying Real Estate

The Home Buying Process

The purchase of a home can be a life-changing event and buyers can feel as though they’re swimming in a tank of sharks. It is vital that you have an experienced, knowledgeable professional ensuring that you are well-advised throughout the entire process. I will be your go-to professional to ensure top-notch negotiation, superb time management of the entire process, and a willing ear for those moments of fear that will inevitably arise.


Get Prepared

Determine if you are able to purchase a home. The best place to start is by talking with a Realtor®. Then when you find the perfect property you will be ready.


Cash Funds

If you are purchasing with cash, you will need a proof of funds letter. This is a note on bank letterhead indicating you have the funds available to purchase the home you desire.


Pre Qualify

Any lender may be able to get the job done. However, a quality lender is as important as a quality Realtor®. I can recommend lenders that are professional, friendly, and  most importantly skilled at matching the best financing product to buyers.

Select a lender and obtain a prequalification letter.
Avoid any out of the norm purchases until AFTER closing


Get a consult with an experienced and ethical Realtor® (that’s me!) to assist with identification of your needs and wants. During this time we will review the current market conditions and availability and match that with your price range and desires.



Begin searching for a home. I can locate homes for you, or you can assist with locating a home that best suits your needs. Every home on the market is also available on the internet; however, some websites are more reliable than others-so check with me to ensure you are looking in reliable locations.


VIEW Homes

Tour selected homes, identifying the features, amenities and location that best suits your needs. This is the fun part!


Present Offer

Submit an offer to the seller and negotiate until we have terms that are agreeable to both buyer and seller. 


Document Prepartion

When submitting an offer, numerous documents are required. I will ensure all forms are appropriately completed and that you are an informed decision maker.


Active Negotiations

It's great when buyers' and sellers' agree on price and terms on the first try. But if that doesn't happen I'm there to negotiate for you.


Offer Accepted

Once an offer is accepted I will be working behind the scenes to ensure everything is being completed as scheduled. I will be in regular contact with you, your lender, and any other necessary individuals.



Make escrow deposit (often within a few days after the date of contract acceptance). This is a dollar amount that you place with a neutral party (typically the title or realty company to provide assurance to the Seller that you intend to fulfill your contractual obligation.


Solidify Financing

Make or finalize loan application (often within a few days after the date of contract acceptance). Hopefully, you are already pre-approved but if not, contact your lender and begin the loan application process.



I can provide numerous reputable inspectors to assist with this task. Time frames are important for this task and I will be keeping you informed. Once the inspection is completed, you may want to require the seller to make repairs or concessions, or you may even decide to back out of the deal altogether. I will be providing advice to help you abide by the terms of the contract.



Once inspections are completed, I will be helping you ensure that all contract deadlines are being met. All of these deadlines are outlined in the contract that I will provide to you.



Final walk-through. Shortly before closing, we will arrange a final tour of the home. This ensures that the home is in similar condition as it was when you agreed to purchase the home.



This is the big day, but don’t worry-I’m still here to ensure everything goes well. Be sure to bring two forms of identification and your patience. The closing process can take up to several hours; this often depends on the lender. Often, the keys to your new home are handed over at closing. Sometimes, as in the case of a REO owned property, keys may not be handed over until the next day or so.


Post Closing

I will be ensuring that you get moved in and will assist with providing utility information, etc. I plan to be your Realtor® for many years to come, so don’t hesitate to reach out at any time for questions about the real estate market, or to obtain an updated value of your home.