5 Simple Strategies for Staging your Home to Get the Best Offer

First…take a good look around your house, not as the homeowner, but as a prospective buyer. What would you want to see when you walk into the home? Most people go to look at a house with the expectation it may be there next home. Therefore you want them to be able to visualize themselves living there.

Step  1. Declutter and Depersonalize

You’ve heard it before, less is more. That is certainly the case when staging your home.

Remove unnecessary clothing and shoes from closets. If it doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn it in a long time, consider donating it or throwing it away

  • Get rid of or store away knick-knacks
  • ‍Remove magnets from refrigerators
  • ‍Organize cabinets
  • ‍Remove family photos from walls and tabletops
  • ‍Clean kitchen and bathroom countertops of unnecessary items
  • ‍Secure away personal possessions, ie: jewelry, medications, paperwork.

You want to stage the house in a way that potential buyers will be able to see themselves in the home. Put away what you don’t currently need, and for the day to day objects, have a small box or basket to place them in for when prospective buyers come to tour your home.

Step  2. Make minor repairs, nothing major, just a few things to tidy up a bit

Minor repairs are an instant chore when viewing a potential new home. 

  • Fix the leaking faucet
  • Loosen up sticking cabinet doors and drawers
  • Tighten up loose handles and doorknobs
  • Patch holes in walls
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Put in a fresh air filter

By taking care of those small to-do's you'll allow more potential buyers to skip the chore list and jump right into decorating.


Step  3. Enhance curb appeal

Make heads turn with simple upkeep.

  • Mow the lawn and keep it mowed
  • Trim hedges and bushes close to the house
  • Keep sidewalks clear of debris
  • Make sure porch and entry lights work
  • Make sure visitors can read your house number

Step  4. Remove or replace items you don’t plan to sell with the house

A potential buyer may immediately love your decor and expect to move in to the fabulous space you've created. If those fixtures attached to the house are coming with you, you may want to take appropriate measures.

It may be difficult to remove appliances that are not included with the house purchase. Fill the gap if you can find an inexpensive replacement. Remove light fixtures, & specialty window treatments that you plan to take with you.

If the chandelier hanging over your dining table is a family heirloom you plan to keep, than this is the time to take it down and replace it. Once someone sees an item in a home they believe comes with the purchase, the harder it will be to explain differently. It may even kill the deal if a potential buyer believes it should be theirs.

Step  5. Clean, Clean, and Clean some more

This is the most important step of all. Remove all dust, grime and stains as best you can. Five star cleanliness will certainly make your home stand out.

  • Wash all windows inside and out
  • Clean blinds and/or curtains
  • Scrub floors, vacuum the carpet and dust off your rugs, consider having them professionally cleaned for an added value.
  • Clean ALL appliances inside and out, especially the refrigerator and the oven
  • Scrub tubs and showers, and redo caulk if needed
  • Keep furniture and ceiling fans dusted. Even dust walls, this will cut down on dust all over as well as remove any cobwebs.
  • Clean air vents

 And a few home staging tips…

While it would be nice to have our homes looking like a professional came in and did the work, it’s not necessary and can be expensive. Some simple things can be done to give your house a fresh face and look inviting to prospective buyers.

  • Keeping everything clean, as mentioned before is the best staging trick you can have, after that consider the following.
  • Place a new door mat at the front door
  • Arrange furniture to show off a conversation area
  • Keep fresh fruit or flowers out for showings
  • Keep home free of offending odors, placing light, fresh scents in the home
  • Place pretty pillows on the couch, chairs and on the beds, especially in the master bedroom
  • Put clean towels in the bathrooms, one’s that are fluffy and fresh, white works best
  • Replace the shower curtain if it’s old and dated

Take these simple steps before listing your home for sale. When you're sitting at the closing table you'll be glad you did. Take a look at our featured listings for an example of well staged homes.

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