6 Tips for Stress Free Moving

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Moving can be a very stressful experience. Clawing through years and years worth of stuff and evaluating what you need and can be totally daunting, but no need to fear! Listed below are 6 tips and tricks to make moving a breeze.

1- The Pile Technique

As your going from room to room in figuring out what you want to keep and get rid of, create separated piles of items to make the packing part a breeze. Have one pile of items you’d like to keep, a separate pile of items you think are in good enough shape to give away and a last for things to throw away. It gives a visual indicator for how much you’re getting accomplished and is easier to jump into.

2- Be Thrifty About Boxes

Many grocery, restaurant, and retail establishments will have boxes available to give you after product is put out. Ask around at your local spots to get an idea of when their shipments come in and try and make arrangements to pick up the boxes. If your luck is weaning on free boxes, look into buying a good size in bulk. When buying individually, boxes can get very expensive very quickly. When getting a large pack, you can save some money and make sure you have enough.

3- Hire A Moving Company

With the money savings from the boxes that you got second hand, invest into a good moving company. Do some research into the most trusted movers in the neighborhood and go for the one in your budget. The amount of stress relieved from having to bug your friends and family to help move can all be handedly avoided by hiring the right people for the job.

4- Label Everything

Every box packed needs to have an exact location on where it’s going in the new home. There is nothing more stress inducing than getting into your new home with a sea of boxes and no idea of where any of them go. Which goes into the next tip.

5- Place Boxes In Appropriate Rooms

After boxes are appropriately labeled you want to work with the moving company to make sure boxes are put into the appropriate room. Kitchenware will be in the kitchen ready to unpack and use, and takes out the stress of neverending boxes. If this tip isn’t followed, you can easily have a garage or attic full of boxes for years to come.

6- Relax

We get that moving is stressful but just follow the tips and you’ll be able to do it. Take it step by step and think of the end goal of being happy in your new home, all settled!

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