A Tip for Sellers

I was recently looking at a home for myself and made an appointment to view a home that looked like a good fit. When we arrived the seller was very happy to show me around, he was very friendly and we were happy to have his playful dog there, and even discouraged the seller from putting the dog outside when he offered while we looked around. We enjoyed our visit and were grateful for the seller's time and my daughter just loved the puppy!

When we finally had a moment to discuss the home in the front yard without the seller at our side, I realized that I did not recall the style of countertops and asked the other two that were with me. Neither my wife nor my daughter were able to indicate anything about the countertops. We were each amazed at how all three of us were unable to indicate one of the most focal points of the home-the kitchen counters in our visit within the last two minutes! Two of us are full-time Realtors and the other loves nothing more than to spend her time in a kitchen, yet we had not a clue of the color or style of them, although one of us was able to note the style of the cabinets.

It is possible (and even likely) that none of us have good memories, but it is surely a good reminder of the importance to get the sellers out of the buyer's way regardless of either of their desires for the best interest of both the buyer AND the seller. We viewed this home and did not even realize it, but the seller cheated himself by his pleasantries and willingness to show us his beautiful home. This shows clearly the importance of sellers being absent from the home for all showings.

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