Activities for Families Around Deland

Whether you are a lifelong resident of Central Florida or have recently moved in, we all have days where we are looking for something new to do. Here are a few Gems located near Deland that you won’t want to miss.


State Parks
Located throughout Central Florida are beautiful state parks and natural springs, such as Blue Spring State Park, DeLeon Springs State Park, Hontoon Island State Park, and many others.

The Saint Johns River
Running through Florida is the Saint Johns River, which runs from Sanford to Jacksonville. A variety of water activities from kayaking to paddle boarding and river cruises can be found to entertain any levels of outdoors-person you may have in your family. Some neighborhood favorites include Blue Heron River Tours and Saint Johns River Cruises, which also offers kayaking, canoeing, and other boating activities.

Arts and Education
For those who prefer a bit of air conditioning, but still like all things nature, check out the Reptile Discovery Center, with both indoor and outdoor exhibits of both local and exotic snakes, lizards, tortoises and other reptiles. Also located at the Reptile Discovery Center is the Medtoxin Venom Laboratories, where venoms are collected and shipped worldwide to be turned into anti-venoms. “Only safety glass separates the viewing public from expert handlers and some of the worlds most dangerous snakes.”  If you are about more than scales, visit the Central Florida Zoo and Gardens in Sanford, FL, with over 100 species of animals.For those family members who prefer the beauty of still life, consider a visit to the Museum of Art Deland where visitors can view paintings and art installations from the permanent collection and see a variety of traveling exhibits. And for local architecture and historic home fans, consider a visit to the Stetson Mansion, Florida’s “Most Historic Home”, the restored and updated home of John B. Stetson, built in 1886.

Entertainment and Play Spaces
If you have kids that need more activity to wear them out, Deland has plenty to offer. Check out Family Fun Town, Freedom Playground,That One Fun Place, or My Little Kids Town, just to name a few.


With so much to offer, its no wonder so many love to call Deland home.

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