Dining in Deland - 2018

My lovely wife and I continue to be heavy-duty consumers at all the local eateries. While we love eating throughout West Volusia and Lake Counties (especially Mount Dora), this will focus once again on Deland, as I believe Deland sports the best food in our area. This will again focus on only 10 restaurants in the area and will be listed in alphabetical order as every restaurant has its good day and bad days. While none of these eateries are necessarily considered fine dining, they are all eateries that I do enjoy. Many of these eateries have stood the test of my time; however, it has changed since my last Dining in Deland blog. Enjoy!!!

- Angelina’s remains one of the top overall pizza joint in town; however, I believe that Anthony’s is every bit as good with a nicer atmosphere. Both of these restaurants can have long lines during busy times, but they are also both worth the wait. (Yes, there are two restaurants here, but it is a toss-up between them and they are located so closely together that I have left them as one unit.)

- BakeChop is a cute little scratch kitchen on the alley in Deland that is very unique. I’ve eaten here just twice and it was great both times. The menu provides for a wide variety of flavors and options (including gluten free), making it an exciting choice for someone who is looking to explore their flavor palate.

- HalfWall is a nice little downtown eatery/pub that has the best burgers in town and with an extensive variety of craft beers. They have a good bit of outdoor seating, which is where we always prefer to sit and enjoy the Florida breeze.

- Manzano’s Deli in Downtown has the best sandwiches in the area. It is all they do and they do it well. The food is great! I almost always choose the Italian Stallion, but they also have a fantastic Reuben sandwich. They are well-known by the locals, so waiting in line is commonplace and dining space is limited, but it is definitely worth your time. Most of us cannot eat the full sandwich, so be ready to take some home with you.

- Mi Mexico Mexican Restaurant is where we consistently eat Mexican food. We have never been let down here and their chips are always hot, the salsa is delicious, and the Chimichanga and Chilaquiles are my personal favorites which always go well with something cold to drink.

- Oudom’s Thai & Sushi is the least budget-friendly restaurant on my list, but I believe the quality justifies it. With a huge sushi menu and many Thai options, I always struggle with which meal to order. I love the Pineapple Fried Rice, but I do enjoy the curries as well. Be careful, you may drive right by it without recognizing it; however, once inside, you will notice that many people enjoy this hidden gem.

- The Philly Diner is a fantastic little non-assuming place that has the best Philly Cheesesteak in the area (yes, better than Laspada’s!). The owner is clearly a Philadelphia sports fan and it is evident as the décor shows it off. During football season, expect a crowd of Eagles fans during Sunday games which are viewed on the televisions. Nothing fancy here, just good company and quick food.

- Pho Company Noodle House is a small Vietnamese restaurant that specializes in pho (pronounced “fu”). The various noodle dishes provide an opportunity to eat a healthy meal without spending a ton of your hard-earned dollars. Afterwards, we usually end up getting yogurt at Berryville, which is just a short walk down the boulevard.

- Porkies BBQ has never let me down. The atmosphere is simple, but it is always clean and the service is always good. The food is always hot and tasty, personally, I love their French fries (because they’re always fresh) and the sweet potato casserole. I have never eaten anything other than the pork BBQ sandwich, but I do give it a thumbs up and never consider anything else. I guess old habits die hard!!!

- Santorini Restaurant is a quaint Greek place near the north end of town, right across from Oudom’s Thai & Sushi. The atmosphere is very lively, so I wouldn’t recommend going for an intimate atmosphere or a romantic rendezvous. The owners once lived on Santorini and the fabulous food displays that. Personally, there is nothing better than the Lamb Shank Kampama, but I recently ordered the Basa Santorini and I was very pleased.

Overall, Deland has an abundance of small shops and eateries that make way for a vibrant and fun environment. My wife and I will continue to explore our local area and  share places we get excited about!

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