Experience Gifts Around Florida

The holiday shopping season is here. Each year we all have our holiday shopping lists, scanning sales ads and looking for the year’s hottest gifts. Instead this year, consider giving the gift of an experience.

Experiences have been shown to make their recipients happier and according to an article from FastCompany.com “We adapt to material gifts faster,” says Joseph Goodman, an associate professor at Washington University who studies the effects of giving experiences as gifts. “Whereas experiences tend to be more exciting in the beginning, and we tend to take longer to adapt over time.”  Here are some great experience ideas for the people on your gift list.

Extreme Experiences
For the X-Treme sports fan in your life, consider an experience such as skydiving from Sky Dive DeLand, indoor sky diving from iFly in Orlando or Jacksonville, a driving experience, like the ones offered at NASCAR, among many other options that can be found at XperienceDays.com.  

Zoo and Museum Memberships or Tickets
There are a multitude of museums, zoos and aquariums located in or around Central Florida. To name a few there is the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Orlando Science Center, Florida Aquarium, and a variety of State and National Parks. Even more can be found on my blog post Activities for Families around DeLand.  

Theater, Concert, and Entertainment Tickets
If the performing arts is the key to your friends’ hearts, Florida is sure to have an experience that will spark joy. From dinner theater to Broadway shows, music festivals and more, there is sure to be something for everyone within a day’s drive. If you are looking to Shop Local check out the Athens Theater in Deland and the Bay Street Players in Eustis, both theaters have some wonderful holiday productions planned.

Sport Tickets
Florida is home to a number of sports teams, including the Dolphins, Jaguars,Buccaneers, Panthers, Orlando City Soccer, Lighting, Marlins, Rays, Heat,Magic, college teams and more. Whether it is season tickets or tickets to a single game, this is a great experience gift for a sports fan in your life.

Outdoor Activities
For outdoor enthusiasts, Florida has a variety of activities available.With rivers, lakes, and the ocean all nearby, there is sure to be an activity for any water sport lover, including kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, and surfing. For those who prefer to sit back and enjoy nature, a tour on the Saint Johns River, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Helicopter Tour, or scenic train ride may be the ticket.

Travel Program Memberships
For the frequent flyer in your life consider a membership to an airport lounge. Though, it is recommended to check with them and see if they have an airline they prefer.

Interest Classes
For friends and family of all ages, you should consider gifting them enrollment in a class or class series that interests them. There are a wide array of options from flying lessons to cooking classes, art classes to NASA experiences.

And if you are still wondering what to get for your love done, you can also plan a vacation trip weekend, a spaexperience, or, of course, there is always a trip to the Orlando themeparks.  The list of experience giftsavailable is limited only by your imagination – or your ability to google.

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