Florida Taxes – How do we stack up?

I have often complained to my customers about the tax burden in my area and I have specifically complained about the taxes in Deltona; however, this article, “Which Florida cities Have the Lowest Local Taxes?” on FloridaRealtors.org, shows that I really don't know how Deltona compares to other cities throughout Florida. 

According to the article’s recent findings, Florida ranks 4th for Most Tax Friendly State, partly due to a notable absence of a state income tax. The state has a 6% sales tax and localities can add as much as 2%; the average for the state of Florida is 6.8%. Our surrounding counties are 7% in Lake, 6.5 % in Orange, 7% in Seminole, and 6.5% in Volusia. Florida’s median property value is $166,800 and property tax is $1702.

So, where does Deltona rank? While the #1 most tax friendly city in Florida is Palm Bay, it may surprise you to find out that Deltona is ranked at #9! Top 10!

"9. Deltona

Population (Rank): 90,743 (30th)

County: Volusia

Estimated Annual Local Taxes: $3,479

By our count, Deltona has one of the 10 lowest property taxes out of the 50-largest Florida cities. In 2017, the average property tax rate in the city was $774 per $100,000 of home value. That comes to $1,934 per year for our hypothetical couple’s $250,000 home in Deltona.

Sales taxes are low in Deltona, but gas taxes are high. At 6.5%,the combined state and local sales tax rate in Deltona is the lowest sales tax rate in our rankings. In contrast, the combined tax rate for gasoline is the highest such rate on our list at 38.025 cents per gallon.

Although there is no municipal public service tax on water,other utility taxes are high in Deltona. The city’s 10% public service tax on electric service is the highest on our list, and the 6.52% local communications tax is the fifth-highest rate among the state’s 50 largest cities and towns."

Nearby cities of Pine Hills (5), Palm Coast(11), Orlando (13), and Daytona Beach (15) also ranked in the top 50 of large population cities.

More great news for Deltona’s growth and development as we see more homes and businesses start to call Deltona home.


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