Four Fall Curb Appeal Tips in Florida Homes

It’s Fall in Florida! And true, it still looks and feels alot like summer, but a hint of crisp leaves is in the air and Pumpkin Spice iseverywhere. Visions of pumpkins, red and orange leaves, and corn stalks dancein our heads, but reality seems a bit more greenish-brown. Curb appeal whenselling your home is always important, but when reality doesn’t match thevision, there are still tricks you can try to boost your Fall curb appeal.

1.      Keep Your “Face” Clean
This rule applies year-round. Keep the exterior of your home clean and fresh.Before you ever touch the landscaping, pressure wash the exterior of the houseand the driveway and sidewalks on your property. After the exterior has beencleaned, freshen up the paint and look at the roof and other exterior featuressuch as the fence and mailbox.

2.      Keep the Yard Tidy
Whether your trees have turned red, yellow, or orange, or if they are clingingto green or jumping right to brown, leaves on the trees are beautiful, leaveson the ground - not as beautiful. Continue to keep up with the landscaping. Trim back trees and bushes asgrowth slows and leaves begin to drop and replant flowers with fall blooms. Ifyou are looking for those fall colors Crotons, Coleus, Caladiums, andStromanthe Sanguinea are non-flowering perennial plants, plants that do notneed to be replanted yearly, that provide a lot of red, yellow, and orangehues.

3.      Brighten up the Outside
As the days get shorter, more home buyers may be visiting during the lateafternoon or early evening. Enhance your exterior lighting, make sure all bulbswork and adjust garden lighting to focus on exterior features you want to showoff. If you have outdoor seating, make sure there is adequate lighting to beable to enjoy the space after dark.

4.      Dress Up for the Season
Don’t be afraid to decorate for the season. During the Fall potted mums ormarigolds on the porch, along with pumpkins and gourds, and a wreath of fallcolors on the door as a finishing touch.

Happy Fall Y’all!

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