Growth in DeLand

Join any DeLand area Facebook or Community group and you are guaranteed to hear “Is DeLand getting a [insert popular store here]”. From Aldi to Panera, speculation and hopes have run wild as DeLand residents watch open lots and construction zones fill up. Since 2010 the population of DeLand has grown by 24.7%, that’s almost 7000 new residents. And the good news is that businesses are taking notice.

While still in the distant future, DeLand has, as of January 2019, reached an agreement with Lake Helen in regard to the I-4 Automall and associated lands, and we eagerly await more information about its development.Meanwhile, DeLand continues to see residential home growth with several new communities, and proposed bills from the County Council to recommit to “Smart Growth”, or growth that balances both the economic, environmental, and social needs of the neighborhood.  This bill would reaffirm the state law that requires developers and their customers to pay for the extra burden their new homes, businesses, industries and other improvements put on roads, schools and emergency services.

So, while there is not a lot of news to report today, DeLand continues to anticipate this growth in the future, and home construction and values continue to show their support.  

And Yes, DeLand is getting and Aldi.

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