New Home Construction As An Option

For many home buyers, new construction is a great option. Especially considering we are currently (summer 2017) experiencing a "seller's market" in DeLand and surrounding West Volusia areas. A "seller's market" means, due to a low inventory of homes for sale, sellers are often controlling the pricing and terms. This leaves buyers in a position of weakness, often settling for something as opposed to getting what they really want. Multiple offers are also an issue because buyers are sometimes competing with other buyers, resulting in increased sales prices.

Potential Benefits Of Buying New Construction

  • Lower home maintenance costs
  • More efficient utilities, resulting in lower bills
  • Personalized options and upgrades
  • Oh, it's new and probably super clean.

So unless you are a person who always needs a home improvement project going, we can agree that less maintenance and lower utilities are a good thing. But new construction isn't for everyone.

The Downside Of A New Home Build

  • They may come at a higher cost than a pre-existing home
  • Lack of charm or character from age and established area
  • Time, time, can take a long time for construction to be completed
  • Lot size may be smaller in many areas where new construction is prevalent
Of course, this brief list of pros and cons is clearly just a starting point, but these factors must be considered to determine if new home construction is right for you.

How to Decide if New Construction Is Right for You

Talk To Your Realtor®

Together, you and your Real Estate Agent can do the following:

  • Review the available inventory of both pre-existing homes and new homes 
  • Examine how the price points affect the location, size and features
  • Discuss and weigh the general benefits
  • Tour the home together (this is the best way to know if your future home needs charm)
  • Look at how the homes you like mesh with your needs, wants and budget

Nothing Is Ever Perfect

As a buyer you probably expect a pre-existing home to have an issue or two. Maybe a small crack here or there, maybe the ugliest carpet you have ever seen. So it is with new construction as well. There may be a switch that doesn't work or other small detail that was overlooked. Usually, the builder will give buyers the opportunity to inspect and create a  punch list and/or warranty various types of work. These are processes that your Realtor® can help guide you through.

New Construction – A Process

Purchasing a new construction is different from the more common purchase of a pre-existing home. New construction can be wrought with more headaches, as I found during the construction of my personal residence. Using a Realtor®, while not required, may be a wise move and can save you time, money and headaches. Using a Real Estate Agent provides another set of eyes to help ensure that all of your bases are covered and should not add any expense to the home-buying process, as commissions in our area are paid by sellers. Having a professional on your side provides peace of mind and an advocate for your interests, as the process can have hiccups. When considering new construction, always provide your Realtor’s name immediately when speaking with builders or their agents. Be sure to select an experienced Realtor® who knows the area and is familiar with the new home construction process to ensure that your wants and needs are met.

Interested In Touring New Construction in DeLand?

It's best to get started by assessing your needs, wants, expectations and timeline.

Email me to get started!

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