Realtor® – Do I need one?

The primary reason Sellers ask this question is due to the costs that are associated with having a professional manage the sale of real estate. However, there are numerous reasons handling this alone could be a costly decision.

  1. Dollars and “sense”. Properly marketing and pricing of your home will typically provide you with a higher bottom line price with the best terms available. While no one likes to spend unnecessarily, it only makes sense to consider the bottom line. 
  2. Showing and marketing. There are hundreds of real estate professionals in your area that are working to help sell homes to prequalified buyers that are ready to purchase real estate. We receive calls daily for individuals looking for homes just like yours. Marketing to your target audience is a valuable tool that a Realtor® can provide.
  3. Negotiations and legal ramifications. As a real estate professional, I receive regular training and make my full-time goal, day and night, to be up to date on current market news and trends that affect the market. The sale of real estate is a very stressful event and managing the legal documents, including title work and buyer’s lenders is a full-time job. Failure to manage this correctly could derail the entire process and cost sellers thousands of dollars, in addition to potential legal ramifications.
  4. Network of agents and buyers. With international referral networks and local networking amongst Realtors in your area, your home will receive maximum exposure to buyers. This ensures that accurate information is reported to real buyers by those who actually benefit from selling your home.
  5. Negotiation. Experienced, credentialed professionals should be expected to obtain top-dollar with the best terms for sellers. Most Sellers are not full-time professionals that are trained and experienced with negotiation skills capable of obtaining the most for their home.
  6. Relationships. Professional Realtors have relationships with buyers and will seek out the best opportunity to satisfy their customers. These professionals will show your home in a professional, safe, and secure manner. Nothing encourages buyers to rush through homes more quickly than nearby Sellers. 
  7. Objectivity. We all think we know best; however, the fact is that a full-time real estate professional should possess the knowledge and experience that most homeowners do not possess. While you may believe that your home is ready to sell, buyers ultimately make the decision to buy. Realtors work with buyers on a daily basis and provide objectivity that most individuals lack.

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