Renovating: Dos and Donts

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Renovations can be tiresome both mentally and on your wallet, follow these tips and you can have a successful remodel!

DO pray for the best plan for the worst

Try to anticipate roadblocks in the renovation process and ask contractors in the planning process where they believe a bottleneck can occur. To get an accurate quote, you want to clearly state your expectations and goals going into the project.

DON'T rely on high interest credit cards

Speak with lenders to explore options that can involve refinancing or running a home equity line of credit. While these may be tough decisions, its best to explore options outside of standard spending credit lines.

DO plan your budget proportionally

Value your spending per room based on the percentage it can reap back in proportion to the home. For example, if your home is worth $250,000 and the master bedroom makes up 12%-15% of the value, it would be worth spending $30,000-$37,000.

DON’T deviate from the plan

Changes to the scope of the project midway can be costly and harmful to the success of the project. Make sure your expectations are reasonable and realizes that minor changes add up and can be the downfall of a successful renovation.

DO get multiple quotes

Get quotes from several trusted contractors in your area and be weary of low ball budgets as they can signify the contractor cutting corners. Ask friends, family, and local forums for recommendations and experiences. When meeting your contractor, make sure he or she is someone that you feel comfortable communicating with.

Thank you this Zillow Porchlight article, for the inspiration for this blog post.

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