Selling Your Home? 7 Things to Do First.

Making the decision to sell your home can seem overwhelming.We all have looked at such a large task and thought, “How do I event start?” Here is a list of 7 things to do to help you get started.


1.      Find a Listing Agent
Do your research and find a real estate agent who focuses on listing homes for sale. This agent can help you to know what the current value of your home and the homes around you are and help you decide what price to list your house for sale. A good real estate agent can also be a valuable source for other service providers, such as a handy man or home cleaner, to help you get your home ready. A Realtor or real estate agent can also help you have professional photos taken of your home that allow your house to look its best.

2.      Declutter and Depersonalize
Remove items that don’t fit a space or that are very personal to you and your family. Removing these items will reduce distractions from buyers and allow them to focus on the features of the home. It might be hard to notice how spacious the living room is if Fido’s pillows and toys are in the middle of the floor. And that amazing Marlin you caught on your fishing trip might be the center of a buyer’s conversation, instead of the walk-in-closets.  Store these items in out of the way bins, or if you have a lot of extra furniture or boxes, in a storage unit.

3.      Clean,Clean, Clean
Before listing your house for sale on the market, it is a great idea to have a professional cleaner come and Deep Clean all the hidden nooks and crannies of your home. Conduct a smell test and remove anything that has a strong odor. You may want to ask a friend to help here as we can all go “nose-blind” to the smells we live with every day. Having the floors and carpets cleaned before the home is for sale will also allow you to do light cleaning before a showing.

4.      De-Squeak Those Doors
Squeaky doors and loose knobs are easy to fix distractions that make buyers knock dollars off their offer. Hire a Handyman to patch any holes in the walls or fix a leaky pipe before putting your home on the market. If you have lived in your home for a long time, a handy man can help identify potential obstacles to a sale and help you overcome them before a buyer ever sees your house.

5.      Start with a Clean Slate
While you might personally love tropical colors in your bathroom, not all buyers feel the same way. A fresh coat of paint in a neutral shade presents afresh pallet that invites buyers to imagine their own colors and decorations in their new home.

6.      Dress Up a Bit
We all want to look our best before a formal occasion, and a house sale is no different. Staging your house can help to showcase its best floor plan. A professional stager may even suggest selling or storing furniture that doesn’t“work with the space” or renting furniture to help fill a figurative hole. They may even find a creative new way to organize your knick-knacks. Check your yard for Curb Appeal and plant fresh plants that will be lush and vibrant while the house is for sale. Remove any plants that are dying, children’s toys, or broken items that may be distracting to a buyer.

7.      Prep for the Show(ing)
Before a showing, make sure all the lights have working bulbs, you may want to stock up. Remove any valuables or personal items that you would not want to have people looking through, buyers open every door and cabinet. Do a light cleaning to remove any dust or grime from everyday living. I know I am always impressed by fresh vacuum marks.

Ready to list or still have a few questions? Give me a call and I will help you down the path to selling your home.

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