Should You Buy a Home That’s Perfect – Except?

As a home buyer, we have our vision boards, Pinterest boards, dreams and wish lists of the “Perfect Home”. From hard wood flooring to open concept, shiplap to spa tubs – the “Must Have” list just keeps on growing.But with limited home inventory available should you buy a home that is Perfect-Except for one thing?

Like all real estate questions – the answer is “that depends”.

Before you make an offer or rule out a home, redefine your“Must Have” and “Would Like” lists. Your Must Have list is the list you will not compromise on. Many of those items will be location based; a good school district, commute time, distance from stores, etc. Other items might be cosmetic or comfort amenities, which could be added later.

However, do your research and be honest with yourself about your commitment of time and money to a remodel, repair, or renovation.  Is the issue cosmetic or fundamental? A dated paint color or tacky wallpaper is easily fixed, but drafty windows or a crumbling foundation will cost you.

Also consider what it would be like a few years down to road to sell that home. While the exception may not bother you overly much, it could be a deal breaker to many other home hunters. Some problems may get better,such as a shopping plaza being built closer to your home, but others may get worse, such as busy highways or noisy streets.

In the end there are no simple answers, but I’m here to help.

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