Should You Wait to List your Home until After the Holidays?

We have all heard the advice that “you should wait to sell your home until after the winter holidays”, but is that advice actually good advice? Turns out – No.

Once upon a time the common thought was that potential buyers would be too busy with holiday shopping and attending parties to look for a new home, but in this age of technology, the internet is never closed and buyers can browse homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, whether your house has been on the market for a while or is being listed for the first time,invest a bit more in professional photos and a digital tour or video of your home.

Decorate for the holidays minimally. Instead of a 10-foot tree, consider a small tabletop tree and do not block of features of your home,such as fireplaces or mantles. Decorate with seasonal foliage such as evergreens, rosemary, or poinsettias and avoid large yard decorations that might detract from the features of your home. If holiday decorating is not your forte, consider hiring a home stager to help decorate and pose the home for photos.

Because of this idea that you should avoid listing during the holidays, the available home inventory is lower than the rest of the year.With this low number of homes on the market, supply is low, and therefore demand will be higher from buyers in the market. Many buyers are using this vacation time from work to tour homes and with the lower inventory this is your homes opportunity to shine. If you home has been on the market already,consider timing a price drop with the holiday season to revitalize your homes appeal in the online home buying sites. If your home is new to the market,price to sell. A Realtor®will be able to assess your neighborhood to give you an accurate assessment of what comparable homes in the area are selling for.

When the New Year Bell tolls, the housing market will once again be flooded with homes for sale and the competition increases, so don’t be afraid of taking advantage of this opportunity.

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