Summer Tips for Selling Your Home

A reoccurring theme this time of year is It Is Hot! But summer is also a prime time for selling your house. Use these 5 tips to help keep your house looking fresh in the summer heat.

1.      Focus on the Curb Appeal
You will seldom here a Realtor tell you that appearances don’t matter, but it is even more important in the heat to keep your yard looking green and fresh.Keep your lawn watered, and pay attention to the weather patterns, water more during dry spells and turn the sprinklers off when storms happen every day. Keep up with weeding and fresh mulch and keep any flowers or potted plants growing.

2.      Spotlight on the Fun Spots
Shine a metaphorical spotlight on the fun places to be outside. Have a fabulous barbecue pit? Shady gazebo? Or relaxing fire pit seating? Clean and stage those areas to look their most eye catching and inviting, showing buyers how pleasant the outside can be.

3.      Use Photos that Pop
Now that the outside is so appealing, make sure to use photographs that showoff those green and inviting spaces. A professional photographer will know what lighting and angles to use to make your house look its best.

4.      Be Cool on the Inside
In the sweltering summer months, even the short walk from a car to the front door is enough to break a sweat on even the most heat loving Floridian.Keep your thermostat at a comfortably cool temperature that is inviting to buyers as they step into your home.

5.      Offer a Refreshing Treat
We have all heard the tips about baking cookies to make a home seem more appealing, but in the summer, its something cool and refreshing that buyers are looking for. Pitchers of ice water with lemon, or a few cold drinks available to buyers who tour your home makes a positive impression and encourages them to linger and enjoy their drink. And the more time they spend relaxing in your house, the better.

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