Trick or Treating in DeLand

If you are new to the DeLand area, you might have moved from an area that designates an alternate date for Halloween Trick or Treating.While there are many Fall and Halloween activities in the area leading up to Halloween, you find out more about them at Fall Festivals Around the Volusia County Area, in most of Florida, and in DeLand, Trick or Treating occurs on Halloween, October 31, regardless of what day of the week it falls on.

For most neighborhoods trick-or-treating begins around 6 PM with younger children heading out first and older kids going out later. Through an unspoken agreement, most homes will turn their lights off around 9 PM to indicate that they will no longer be handing out treats.

If your neighborhood is one that encourages children to Trick-or-Treat door to door make sure to check out the Center for Disease Control’s Halloween Safety Guidelines for recommendations for both the Trick-or-Treaters and for homes who are offering treats.

If your neighborhood is not planning to participate in treat giving, you and your family can still enjoy this holiday tradition by visiting Downtown DeLand’s Monsters on Mainstreet where DeLand stores and other vendors will be handing out treats and candy.

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