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Curb Appeal Tips for Winter in Central Florida

It’s winter in Florida. No, we don’t get snow, or freezing temperatures for more than a few days, but the cold weather does affect the more colorful and tropical foliage of DeLand, Deltona, Mt Dora, Daytona, and other Central Florida areas. Check these tips on keeping your garden curb appeal ready.

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Rent or Buy? What Should You Do?

It seems like an age-old question; is it better to rent or buy? Turns out this answer depends on where you live.

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Is Now the Time to Sell?

Last night I was surprised to read the headline of an article in my inbox, For-Sale Inventory Lowest in Two Years. “The Lowest in Two Years?” I thought, “Surely, not.” So now, of course, I am doing some research.

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Buying a Home and Taxes: What You Should Know

It’s a New Year! And for many that means resolutions, fitness, and starting new activities, but for a lot of us, that means it is time to get your information ready to do your taxes. If you have just bought a home, you may have heard that a home is a great tax deduction! And it can be, if eligible.

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What to Know About Down Payment Gifts

While it may seem silly, there are a few things to know if you are lucky enough to Give or Receive a House Down Payment this holiday season.

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